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200A-3 seed oil expeller

  • Capacity : 8-10T/D
  • Power : 18.5kw
  • Weight : 5000 kg
  • Dimension : 2850×1850×3270mm
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Detail Introduction
Model 200A-3 seed oil expeller is an ISO9001 approved oil expelling equipment, which is able to press a great number of oil bearing materials from vegteable seeds and nuts, such as peanut kernel, sesame, cottonseed kernel, soybean, coconut, tea seed, sunflower seed, rapeseed and the like.

Treating Capacity for Seeds

Seeds Capacity Oil Yield Dry Cake Residual Oil
Peanuts 9000~10000 38~45 5~6
Soya beans 8000~9000 11~14 5~6
Cotton seed 9000~10000 30~33 5~6
Rape seed 9000~10000 33~38 6~7
Sesame seed 6500~7500 42~47 7~7.5
Rice bran 5500~6500 10~14 7~8
Sunflower seed 7000~8000 22~25 8~9.5

More Technical Datas

  • Inside Diameter of Cooker: φ1220 mm;
  • Stirring Shaft Speed: 35 rpm;
  • Steam Pressure: 5~6 kg/cm2;
  • Diameter of Chamber: Front:φ180 mm; Rear:φ152 mm;
  • Main Shaft Speed: 8 rpm;
  • Feeding Shaft Speed: 69 rpm;
  • Time in Chamber: 2.5 min;
  • Steaming and Roasting Time: 90 min;
  • Max.Work Temperature for Oilseed:125-128 ℃;

200A-3 Seed Oil Expeller Advantages

  • Consists of the part main shaft, worms, bars, gears etc.,which is made of advanced alloy steel to be harden. Even working in the condition of high temperature and abrasion day and night, the parts of the oil presses are also durable.
  • Suitable for steaming and sauting, and can be adjusted to the temperature in accordance with request of  various oilseeds in order to get the high-quality oil.
  • From feeding the oilseed to oil flowing and the cake shaping, the whole process stage is automatic and continous. The oil expeller is very easy to manage, and saving labour.
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