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Low-temperature Big Scale Screw Oil Expeller Machines Manufacturers

These are screw oil expeler machines with big capacity.They are charactered by following: low oil temperature, high oil output, low oil residual, light processed fats color, good quality, rich nutrient, and can meet international market standards.


LYZX32 Oil Press
LYZX28 Oil Press
YZX24 Oil Press
YZX24 Oil Press
Lyzx18 Oil Press
Lyzx12 Oil Press


The screw oil expeller is quite suitable for processing many kinds of oil seeds, such as, non-shell rapeseed, peanut kernel, soybean, olive, walnut kernel, corn embryo, rice bran, tomato seed, watermelon seed, evening primrose, capsicum seed, castor seed, orange seed, cacao, coffee bean, peach kernel and rosebush fruit etc.


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