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plate filter press

The plate filter press is a kind of press filter equipment which applies to solid-liquid separation of all suspension and is able to accompany the oil press. We supply a wide range of filter presses designed to give maximum filtration efficiency, longer service life and less maintenance. The filter presses are available in different sizes and various capacities. We can also provide filter presses to custom specifications.

plate and frame type oil filter press

GEMCO is professional in producing separation equipment and filter and belt press filter are its main series. The types of filter are 200,320, 450, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1500, Φ800 and Φ1000 and both in board and box and the filter area is 0.5㎡-500 ㎡. The materials for board choice are cast iron, ductile iron, reinforced polypropylene, glass fiber polypropylene ( temperature 120℃) and stainless steel. The press methods are handle press, jack press, mechanical press, liquid press, automatic pressure press and advanced automatic microcomputer control. The ways for filter are free flow, undercurrent flow, free flow wash out, undercurrent flow wash out and two-way cross wash. The Polypropylene has the advantages of stable performance, acid and alkali proof, non-toxic, non-smell, non-pollution and easy to handle. The filter series of our company accord with the national and related industrial regulations (see in technical parameters) and also be produced according to the customers’ special needs. Our products are qualified and have passed the ISO9002 registration.


Plate Filter Press Structure

The filter is formed by four parts:Mainframe, filtering parts, press and control.

structure of plate and frame oil filter press

1. Mainframe:Frame is the base to the machine and used to support and link the filter and other parts. It is formed by push plate, press board and frame and main beam. During the working process, under pressure, the piston pole of the press frame push the press board together with filter board, filter frame and filter cloth to make sure the liquid in filter room continue pressing and filtering.   

2.Filter: The filter part is constituted by several filter boards and frames which are ranked in the main beam in an order—the filter is between filter board and frame. When material come into filter room from hole in push plate, the solid bigger than the hole of filter intermediary is hold in the filter room and become solid lump while the liquid flow out from the discharge hole by free flow and undercurrent flow. Under each filter board there is a hole with a water nozzle that the water flow out from the nozzle is called free flow, while the way brings water from each filter boars together and flow out by discharge channel is called undercurrent flow.

The filtering Part of the equipment:

filtering part of the plate and frame oil filter press

3.Press Parts:
The press parts can be divided into handle press, jack press, mechanical press, liquid press and automatic pressure press.
  • Handle press and jack press: The function of handle press is to turn the small gear to drive the large gear so as to press clamping plate, using lever force from small gear to drive the pole in large gear. One person can do that while the jack press uses direct way.
  • Mechanical press: Based on the motor, through reducer the mechanical press drives the pole of large gear to press the clamping plate. Forward and backward is by switching the button. This method cannot be displayed directly and it is controlled by the electrical equipment. When electricity reaches the rated the machine stops, and all machines have appropriate electricity before leaving factory.
  • Liquid press:The liquid press system depends on motor to drive oil pump, and pressed oil entry into oil cylinder through control valve then piston or piston pole tightens or drags the press plate to achieve press. The methods for liquid press are handle, electrical, automatic pressure and program-automatic pull plate.

Plate Filter Press Working Principle

The filter chamber is formed by filter boards and filter frames or filter boards rows (box-type), under the function of conveying pump, it press the suspension liquid into filter rooms and through filter intermediaries (filter cloth, filter paper and filter membrane) to separate solid and liquid. What is more, the box-type filter boards can be classified into common boards and diaphragm boards. The filter can be used wildly in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, sugar, metallurgy, food, china, starch, coal washing, dye, and paint as well as sewage treatment in all industries.

BAM Series Plate Filter Press and Technical Data

BAM 320 plate and frame filter press machine

Model Filtering Area(㎡) Capacity of the filtering chamber(L) Overall dimension(mm) Overall weight(mm) Foundation dimension(mm)
BAMS1/320-30U 1 15 1210*660*650 350 710*150*500
BAMS2/320-30U 2 31 1565*660*650 400 1020*150*500
BAMS3/320-30U 3 46 1875*660*650 455 1330*150*500

BAM 450 plate and frame filter press

Model Filtering Area(㎡) Capacity of the filtering chamber(L) Overall dimension(mm) Overall weight(mm) Foundation dimension(mm)
BAMS4/450-30U 4 61 1940*870*870 720 1160*180*600
BAMS6/450-30U 6 91 2250*870*870 800 1470*180*600
BAMS8/450-30U 8 122 2560*870*870 880 1780*180*600
BAMS12/450-30U 12 182 3160*870*870 1020 2380*180*600
BAMS16/450-30U 16 243 3770*870*870 1180 2990*180*600

BAM 630 plate and frame filter press

Model Filtering Area(㎡) Capacity of the filtering chamber(L) Overall dimension(mm) Overall weight(mm) Foundation dimension(mm)
BAMJ20/630-30U 20 298 3400*1150*1160 1980 2490*400*800
BAMJ30/630-30U 30 453 4220*1150*1160 2350 3310*400*800
BAMJ40/630-30U 40 595 4950*1150*1160 2680 4040*400*800


6LB Series Plate Filter Press


 6LB Oil Filter Technical Parameters

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