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LYZX32 low temperature oil press

  • Capacity : 60000-80000kg/24h
  • Power : 90+75+1.5KW
  • Weight : 12650㎏
  • Dimension : 4832×2917×3236mm
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Detail Introduction

Type LYZX32 low temperature press is very suitable for low temperature pressing plant oilseeds . Such as:rapeseed, hulled rapeseed kernel, peanut kernel, chinaberry seed kernel, tea seed, sunflower kernel,walnut kernel, cottonseed and so on.

Feature of the Low Temperature Large Oil Press

It has the the process characteristic of low-temperature oil extraction. Under normal condition of treatment, it has many feature as follows:
* Low temperature request for pressing, the denaturization degree of protein in cake (meal) is low;
* Perfect structure, convenient operation, parts are durable;
* Equipped with temperature and water adjuster;
* Continuously operation

Production capacity:

 hulled rapeseed kermel : 80000-100000kg/24h   residual oil in cake (%) 15-19

 peanut kermel : 60000-80000kg/24h   residual oil in cake (%) 15-19

Rate of residual oil in cake(%)
Hulled rapeseed kernel
Peanut kernel
Chinaberry seed kernel
Perilla seed kernel
Sunflower kernel

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