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Oil Press

Manufacturer and Supplier

Supply quality oil press machinery with different capacity and function. We provide small screw oil press machines, automatic oil presses, big oil expeller press including pre-press and low temperature oil expellers. GEMCO offers strong technical support and guarantees its products through exceptional engineering and testing. We can make sure that there is always an oil press that suitable for you!

  • small oil press

    The daily capacity of the small oil press is less than 15 tons, Including YZS series screw oil presses, automatic oil press machines and ZX series oil press expellers, the small scale oil presses are of good quality, high oil yield, simple design and continuous operation.

  • big oil press

    The daily capacity of the big oil press is over 15 tons. Including hot pre-press and low temperature oil press expellers, the big oil presses are usually being used in the middle and large capacity oil extracting mills for vegetable and biodiesel oil production.

  • oil filter press

    The frame filter press is a kind of oil filtration facility that can match for various oil press types. It is mainly used to separate oil and residue from the first vat of oil. The filtration cloth between the filter plates forms numerous compartments.

Various Seeds Available to Meet Your Oil Extracting Needs!

Our oil press can be used for extracting oil from various raw materials, such as peanuts /groundnuts, soybeans, rape seeds / canola seeds, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, jatropha seeds, coconut / copra, palm kernels, tea seeds, flax seeds etc.

Sophisticated design with low investment, our oil press machine is your perfect choice to start your oil business!

Assured Quality Through Superior Oil Press Manufacturer

Our oil press and filter press for vegetable oil and biodiesel are above the China’s national standard, and is CE certified. Gemco considers technological innovation as the cornerstone of its development. Gemco owns several national patents for its oil press technology.

Gemco has been honored with two awards: "National High Quality Well-known Goods" and "National Quality Guaranteed Goods". Gemco has successfully passed IS09001: 2000 certification for environmental protection and quality management systems.

GEMCO's oil press not enjoy a solid reputation in the domestic market but also sell pretty well around the golbe. So far, we have exported our products to over 50 countries and regions.

About Our Oil Presses
  • YZS Series Screw Oil Press
  • YZS Series Automatic Oil Press
  • ZX Series Oil Press
  • Big scale Oil Press
  • Home Manual Oil Press

These small type screw oil press machines are advanced oil extracting machines which are characterized by their high rates of oil output, good quality, simple design, and continuous operation. This series of oil presses can be used for various raw materials such as jatropha seeds, canola seeds, peanuts, rapeseeds and cotton seeds, sesame seeds, olive seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut seeds and grass seeds.

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