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ZY283-3 pre-press oil expeller

  • Capacity : 140~160T/24H
  • Power : 50KW/15KW
  • Weight : 9380㎏
  • Dimension : 3708×1920×3843mm
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Detail Introduction

Model ZY283-3 screw oil pre-press is a continuous oil expeller to process the oil rich seeds (such as peanut kernel, cottonseed kernel, rapeseed, sunflower kernel), which is suitable for the process of oil prepressing extraction or twice pressing.

ZY283-3 Screw Oil Pre-press Technical Data:.

* Capacity: 140~160T/24H(take the rapeseed or sunflower kernel for instance)
* Cake residual oil rate: 15~20% (under the condition of correct operation)
* Power: 50KW/15KW
* Net weight: ~9380㎏
* Overall dimension: 3708×1920×3843mm

Features Of The Screw Oil Pre-press

Model ZY283-3 screw oil pre-press has the process characters that is suitable for screw oil  pre-pressing as following:
* High capacity, less space, low power, simple operation, management and maintenance.
* The cakes produced by screw oil prepress are loose but not crushed so that the solvent can penetrate easily.
* The content of oil and water in the cakes is suitable for solvent extraction.
* The quality of oil produced by oil presses is better than that produced by means of single press or extraction.

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