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YZS-100 oil press

  • Capacity : 4-5MT/24H
  • Power : 7.5KW & 15HP
  • Weight : 550kg
  • Dimension : 1910*610*765mm
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Detail Introduction

The Model YZS-100 Oil Press was the first product manufactured by Gemco in Anyang. It predecessors have sold within China for 50 years. This oil press features a smooth shell, is easy to operate and repair, has a wide range of applications, performs reliably, and is capable of processing rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, jatropha, linseed and other oil plants. The Model 6YL-100 oil press is the best choice for small and medium-sized oil extrusion workshops or individual households. Spare parts are always supplied. Customers are typically very satisfied with this product.

Note: Figures shown above reflect performance with all auxiliary separating facilities and under normal manufacturing circumstances.

Gemco tenets: Quality and the needs of the customer come first. We sincerely welcome your inquiries and hope that our advanced oil seed presses are to your satisfaction.

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