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Oil Press,Oil Pressing Machine

Before opening the electric motor of the oil press, first check the tightness of the transmission belt. Let the machine run idle for 15 minutes and check for contact between the gears. See that these parts are undamaged. The electric current should be around 3A while the machine is idling. If the electric current is excessive, immediately stop the oil press machine and recalibrate before restarting.


ZX-130 Oil Press
6YL-100 Oil Press
Filter Press


After determining that the machine is safe for operation, prepare 50 kg of rapeseed or soybeans for the feeder of the oil press. Be cautious as to the following: initial feedstock should be limited to slow speeds and well-proportioned quantities, or the chamber of the oil press will become blocked or broken. So users should feed materials evenly at the beginning. After time, the temperature in the press chamber will rise. In order to quicken the warming process, users may screw the hand shank on the double-screw bolt.


Under the oil press in normal operation, the high oil-content material is expelled at the strip and round raft with oil quantities of 60% and 30%, respectively. The rear of the oil press expels oil in small amounts, in drips but not streams. The oil is light in color. The oil in rapeseed or soybeans can be thoroughly pressed after two or three cycles. During the repressing process, users can put residue which contains a lot of oil into the machine for further pressing. Evenly feed the stock into the machine or it will affect the ratio of oil extraction and the life expectancy of the oil press machine.


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