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application security matters

1. The press must be well grounded. During the heating process, users should always check for leaks, such as with special instruments. If leakage is caused by the heating coil, the heating coil may need to be replaced.

2. Pulleys should be placed near the wall or in accessible areas during installation of the press. Users should make note of local conditions and accurately measure the belt pulley in order to facilitate safe production. For protective devices on the press, its forbidden to disassemble it while in use. This helps avoid accidents.

3. Users should add lubricants to the deceleration box according to the manual before use.

4. Live wire maintenance is strictly prohibited.

5. Keep hands and other parts of the human body away from rotating pieces of the press during operation. Similarly long skirts, oversized sleeves and dangling jewelry should not be worn when operating the machines.

6. Do not look into an open guard. This avoids eye damage and skin burns from the oil and from high-temperature emissions. 

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