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Cold Press Expeller, Cold Oil Press for Sale

Featurers of Cold Press Expeller

  • Low-temperature pressing technology.The oil processed with this expeller is characterized by light color and rich nutrition,which is purely natural oil after settling and filtering.This technology can safe the refining cost and lower the refining loss.
  • Little damage of protein in the dreg cakes during low-temperature pressing is in favor of full use of the protein in the oilseeds.
  • Low operation temperature(10¡æ-50¡æ)can decrease consumption of the steam.
  • During processing,oilseeds don't keep touch with any solvent,acid,alkali and chemical additives.Thus loss of nutrition ingredients and microelements in the finished oil and dreg cakes is little and protein content in the dreg cakes is high.

Technical Data of the Cold Oil Press Expeller

Capacity: 6-10t/24h(taking non-shell rapeseed as an example)

Residual oil content in cake: 4-13%

Total power: 27.2KW

Net weight: 3500KG.

Boundary dimensions: 3176*1850*2600mm

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